Digiteka's Smart VideoCloud introduces publishers to exclusive innovative technologies
and advanced analytics to develop video audiences and grow video revenues
on their web and mobile sites, with access to a library of syndicated content.

The new Digiteka Smart OVP is available !
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  • Add your videos with ease!
  • Personalize your video player
  • Post on your sites and mobile applications
  • Monetize your videos,manage your boards
  • Manage the metadata of your videos
  • Encoding for multi-formats and multi-screen
  • Distribute your videos on sharing sites
  • Follow your detailed statistics
  • Organize your videos in catalogues
  • Make your player a facebook application
  • Distribute your videos on partner sites
  • Measure the profitability of your videos
  • Store your videos safely !
  • Optimize the SEO of your videos
  • Create your videos automatically
  • Create your smart WebTV