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Ultimedia.com terms and conditions

1/ Ultimedia is a service powered by DIGITEKA S.A.S.

Ultimedia.com is a Service which enables :

  • videos Rights-Holders to manage the use, distribution and monetization of their copyrighted content online.
  • for web and mobile publishers to add premium videos to their web or applications content.

The Ultimedia.com service is monetized with instream advertising. When using the services ensured by Ultimedia, you agree to be bound by terms and conditions as stated below.

2/ Content used and broadcasted by Ultimedia.com

Hosted videos premium and / or referenced on Ultimedia.com can be added by companies or persons over whom Digiteka has no control. The research results obtained from an SEO which can be done by anyone who wants to reference a content hosted on a third party site..

Furthermore, any user posting a comment on Ultimedia.com is responsible for his words and the content he posts on Ultimedia.com.

Anytime you upload or add a video on Ultimedia.com, it is mandatory that you hold the related rights to copy, use and manage these videos.

With Ultimedia.com, DIGITEKA allows videos rights-holders to control, monitor and monetize the streaming of their content online.

DIGITEKA is not responsible for the uploaded videos and their related copyrights.

In case of complaint or enquiry regarding the use and copy related rights, please send us your request by email at or by post at DIGITEKA – – FRANCE. DIGITEKA will treat your complaint within the shortest notice and remove the illegitimate content – if needed – from its database. The full removal of an illegitimate content is effective within 2 business days.

Users uploading videos on Ultimedia must be the video rights-holders or must detain a legal allowance to use and copy these videos. Users are therefore responsible for the content they upload on Ultimedia.

DIGITEKA cannot ensure the full availability to check and validate the uploaded content before it is hosted on Ultimedia.

DIGITEKA cannot control in real time all the information provided by Ultimedia.com's users. Every request may generate search results (including links) related to third-party sites, or hosted on Ultimedia.com, that could be considered as non-ethical, or illegitimate to some users. DIGITEKA cannot guarantee the safeness or the relevance of search results. DIGITEKA does not carry any responsibility for the content uploaded by users (and thus its appearance on the search results).

3/ Use of the available content on Ultimedia.com

The services of Ultimedia.com are for professional and personal use only. You cannot use the features of Ultimedia to promote goods or services or to increase your web traffic for commercial purpose (sales, promotion, advertising, etc.) without the explicit agreement of DIGITEKA.

To legally display and stream videos from Ultimedia on your website (professional/personal), first you must conclude a written agreement (contract) with DIGITEKA.

If you wish to integrate or reproduce videos from Ultimedia.com on your own website, you must conclude an agreement with DIGITEKA.

For a complete or partial use of the Ultimedia.com features on your own website, please contact us at .

If you would like to promote or highlight content, business information marketing campaigns or advertising, please contact us at .

4/ Interdiction of automated requests and fraudulent traffic

It is strictly prohibited to send automated requests to Ultimedia.com without the agreement of DIGITEKA.

Publishers (or Rights Holders) using the ultimedia.com services warrant that less than 5% (five per cent) of his traffic comes from robots and that his traffic is not unlawful.

Publishers (or Rights Holders) using the ultimedia.com services warrant that his traffic is not unlawful.

L’Editeur ou Ayant Droit utilisant le service Ultimedia.com convient dès à présent que la violation de cette garantie constituerait un préjudice commercial et financier pour DIGITEKA dont l’Editeur ou Ayant Droit utilisant le service Ultimedia.com sera tenu seul responsable. DIGITEKA serait alors en droit d'annuler tous les revenus publicitaires générés par l'éditeur ou l'ayant-droit sans préavis.

DIGITEKA serait également en droit de réclamer le remboursement des sommes versées pendant les six mois précédent le mois où la fraude a été constatée.

If a Publisher using the ultimedia.com services breaches such obligation, DIGITEKA may immediately terminate this Agreement based on the Publisher wrong, without any notice and without any possibility for the Publisher to claim or enter into legal proceedings for any and all damages including injunctive relief on this ground.

It is specified that DIGITEKA will rely on well-known companies’ services such as “GOOGLE” or/and “Doubleverify” to identify Publisher’s unlawful or fraudulent traffic.

5/ Changes of terms & conditions and of Ultimedia.com's services

DIGITEKA a vocation d’assurer la pérennité et la qualité des services qu’il propose. Cependant nous nous réservons le droit de modifier les présentes CGU à tout moment et sans préavis. Nous nous réservons le droit de modifier ou d'interrompre nos services, pour quelque raison que ce soit et sans préavis. DIGITEKA n’encourra aucune responsabilité vis-à-vis de vous, d'aucun autre utilisateur ou d'aucune autre partie.

6/ Responsibility of DIGITEKA

DIGITEKA n'accepte aucune responsabilité notamment liée à la précision, le contenu, l'exhaustivité, la légitimité, la fiabilité, l'opérabilité ou la disponibilité des informations ou des données affichées dans les résultats obtenus par les services d’Ultiemdia.com. DIGITEKA n'accepte aucune responsabilité en ce qui concerne la suppression, l'impossibilité de stockage, la transmission incorrecte ou la transmission inopportune desdites informations ou des données. DIGITEKA n'accepte aucune responsabilité en ce qui concerne les dommages susceptibles de résulter du téléchargement ou de l'utilisation des informations ou des données disponibles sur Internet via les services d’Ultimedia.com.

7/ Comments and suggestions about Ultimedia.com

Ultimedia.com can receive inquiries, proposals and comments from anyone willing to comment, complain, increase or even remove functions from Ultimedia.com. DIGITEKA keeps the right to treat those requests one by one. For any comment, please contact us at .

8/ Charter of privacy

DIGITEKA is conscious of the significance of personal data and their use. This is why we state below how your data is used.:

9/ Data gathering and use

DIGITEKA provides you with services that do not require creating an account or entering any of your personal information. Nonetheless, for the good use of some of our services, we might need to gather the following data:

  • Data provided by the user - When you create an Ultimedia.com account, or use any service of Ultimedia.com requiring a subscription, we can ask you for personal data. On some services, it is possible that we ask you for a debit/credit card number or any other payment method. This information is stored on an encrypted and secured internal server..
  • Logbooks - Anytime you use our services, our servers automatically record connection data your internet browser sends us during the authenticating process. Those logbooks contain your Internet search, IP address, your browser’s language, the hour of your connection and several authentication cookies.
  • Ultimedia.com cookies - Cookies: Whenever you visit Ultimedia.com, we might send authenticating cookies. Used to enhance the quality of our services, cookies store and file the user’s preferences, such as search types. Most of web browsers are set to accept cookies, but you can modify the browser’s preferences so it disables the use of cookies. Nonetheless, it sometimes can block the use of some of our features.
  • Users’ communications - Anytime you send us an email to Ultimedia.com, we could record it in order to treat your request with the highest quality or to improve our services.

DIGITEKA uses personal data for the following :

  • To provide users with accurate and updated services, including advertising,
  • For Audit, research and analysis purpose; to improve the maintenance, protection and security of our services,
  • The technical maintenance of our network,
  • The development of new services.

You can choose to provide us with no personal data; in that event it is plausible that some of our services become unavailable.